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Hogs and Heroes Mourns The Loss of Our National Executive Trustee Butch "Pitmaster" Jones

Brothers and Sisters,

My heart aches this morning, as I have just learned of the death of our Beloved National Executive Trustee Butch "Pitmaster" Jones. Butch had just returned from North Carolina from seeing his father and began feeling ill late last night and called 911 an ambulance took him to the hospital where he passed away of a major heart attack. As arrangements become available, I will pass them on to everyone.

Members should expect a Funeral Mission, a Flag Line and Honor Guard Mission will be held in the near future. I ask that everyone please contact the National Senior Sergeant-at-Arms with regard to matters related to the Mission and Funeral.

I have arranged for grief counseling services for anyone in need. May God be with him as our thoughts and prayers are with him, his family, friends and fellow Hogs and Heroes Members.

PITMASTER, you are hereby transferred to the Eternal Chapter, please report to the Eternal Chapter Senior Sergeant-at-Arms (GRIZZ) for your next assignment. Please know that your memory will live in our hearts and minds and your voice will whisper to us as the wind rushes past our ears. Brother, you are now free to ride the highway of eternity with the wind at your back and the sun shining on your face. Rest easy my friend we will take it from here.



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