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Hogs and Heroes First Ever Life Members

The Foundation is now over 10 years old and we have some members in advancing years (60, or above). Currently we have no way of honoring or to recognize their years of dedicated service. We have Ex-Officio status to recognize Executive Board members, but nothing to recognize and honor regular members..

Therefore effective immediately the following new Membership Status of Life Member is hereby created and established.

On December 22nd we had the honor of patching in The Hogs and Heroes Foundation's first ever Life Members, Billie "Bubbles" Key and Tom "Snowman" Key. Snowman and Bubbles have been long time members and have been very active in the foundation the entire time.

The Hogs and Heroes Foundation recognizes them both for their years of service and for being exemplary members who have always demonstrated great integrity and unwavering support for those who fall within the scope of our mission.

Thank you Bubbles and Snowman for your years of service to The Hogs and Heroes Foundation.


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