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Happy Birthday to Our Founder and National President Devildoc

I ask everyone who reads this to take a moment to look at the picture at the top banner of our Facebook Page. Go ahead take a moment I will be right here when your done......

You know what is special about that picture ? It represents a small portion of our Hogs and Heroes family.

Family...We all say it and it really does mean something to us.

Now just think of all the great people you have met in your time with the Hogs and Heroes Foundation. Think of all the great adventures you have had and the heart touching moments when we work to serve the goals of our mission.

Now consider this....Almost all of us would have never known each other or have had any of these amazing life experiences if it were not for one person who not only has served our Country pretty much all of his life but still felt the need to do more by serving others who have served our country.

I will say this before I go any further...This post completely goes against this person's nature. He never makes this foundation about himself and he certainly does not like to be singled out because he has always believed in the teamwork that was needed to put all this together and the teamwork that is still required to keep this foundation running.

I am referring to our Founder and National President Andrew "Devildoc" Mutchler.

Devildoc today is your birthday and its a day that all of us who have had the honor of being a part of the Hogs and Heroes family and those who have been touched by the giving spirit of the Hogs and Heroes Foundation should celebrate.

Speaking personally...Over the last couple of years you have become one of my closest friends. Looking back at all you have done in your career in the Military and your continued career in Federal Law Enforcement combined with the accomplishments of the Hogs and Heroes Foundation I am truly honored to be your friend.

Today marks the day you were born and brother I am happy to say that you have lived a life of service to your country and have touched the lives of so many people. May god bless you brother and give you many more years with us.

Your Hogs and Heroes Family are honored you allowed us to hitch a ride with you on your continued extraordinary journey through life. You have given all of us a chance to serve others as you have and make all our lives at least a fraction as meaningful as yours has been.

We love you Brother and Happy Birthday.

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