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$8.00 Face Mask Available and a Portion of Proceeds will go to The Hogs and Heroes Foundation.

Jeanie LesCallett is doing her part to help alleviate the ongoing face mask shortage during this COVID-19 outbreak.

While sewing together face mask is already a noble cause she is really stepping up her game by also donating a portion of the proceeds she receives for the sale of these mask to The Hogs and Heroes Foundation.

For only $8.00 plus shipping you can choose from the large list of patterns (Shown Below) to get a mask that best suits your personality.

These mask have the ability to add a little brightness to your day in these uncertain and stressful times.

To order your mask at this awesome price just email Jeanie at and mention Hogs and Heroes along with your contact information and she will be sure to reach out to you to get your order processed.

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