Hogs and Heroes 2020 In Rear View Mirror

Brothers and Sisters,

Over the past Twelve Months, we have seen the Foundation make it through numerous challenges. They always say hindsight is 2020. Well looking back on this last year, we are glad 2020 is in the rearview mirror.

Even though our challenges have been tough, our accomplishments were equal to all throughs challenges. Our strength has and will always be our members. The members have brought us through our challenges and made it the most successful year for the Foundation, regardless of Global Pandemic of COVID 19.

Over the last year, we have made significant changes to our manner of operation and required our leadership at all levels to become operationally and administratively stronger.

The Executive Steering Committee and National Executive Board are keenly aware of the sacrifices that have been made by our members and leadership at the Regional, State and Chapter levels and we appreciate your sincere efforts.

On the administrative side with the implementation of our Dropbox system, we know it has been a challenge for some, but as an organization we are a much stronger Foundation. Changes like going under One accountant were necessary to ensure our compliance with Federal and State regulations. We know these changes are difficult, but they are necessary to keep our Foundation moving forward in an appropriate and legal way.

On the operational side we have made great strides in spite of the the Global Pandemic and continue to do so. Our State Directors in combination with the Regional Directors have been very successful in re-vamping and adjusting the operation of our Chapters in every State.

Since 2019, our State and Regional leadership has re-loaded/re-organized no less than Ten (10) Chapters. They have refreshed the operation of these Chapters and reignited the flame for the Mission in each one.

Our membership has despite all of our required administrative and operational changes, continued through the Global Pandemic to make this our most successful year in Hogs and Heroes history. Our members are amazing and the true strength of our organization.

Lastly, even though we have been dealt serious challenges on Foundation issues, we have also seen our membership go through personal challenges with death, health issues and other life issues that have caused serious emotional distress. I am proud to say that our membership has done what we have always done. We have wrapped our membership in the arms of our love and protection during these tough times.

I personally have felt the love and power of prayer that provided the comfort I needed to recover from my issues.

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hollidays and a very Happy New Year. Please know and help spread our 2021 Motto "This is Who We Are and This is What We Do"....

Semper Proficio


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